About Cheer Buttons and Bows

Cheer Buttons and Bows is firmly rooted in our passion for creating amazing, one of a kind cheer bows for cheerleaders.  We are a mother-daughter team that have experience tracking trends in cheerleader fashion and cheerleading accessories.  We began our adventure years ago crafting out of necessity for Kayla’s high school team. Since then Cheer Buttons and Bows has grown and evolved into a multi-dimensional at home business.

Meet Kim:

Growing up, my favorite classes in school were art and music.  I loved the creative escape they offered.  As a mom, I encouraged art and craft projects and proudly displayed my children’s works of art.  I consider myself a “craft dabbler” enjoying all things crafty.

My daughter’s high school cheer team needed hair bows and she volunteered us to make them.  Bow making started out by fulfilling a need and has ended up fulfilling a creative desire.  To some it may seem odd, but there is a good chance if I am silent with my thoughts, I’m designing a cheer bow in my head.  I visualize patterns, fabrics, and techniques.  It is not just a daydream, if you decide to make it your life.  I’m living my daydream.

“People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.”  – Dale Carnegie, Author

Meet Kayla:

I graduated from University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a double major in psychology and sociology.  I am currently attending Marquette Law School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  My Mom and I have been working together developing our business since I was in high school.  I love having something creative to do alongside my Mom; it keeps us close when we are often so far apart.  I love coming home after weeks or a month of being away and surrounding myself in all of the new cheerleading bow designs and projects that I have only seen in photos, and eagerly learning about our cheer projects and business ventures that lay ahead.  Even though I have not been as hands-on in the bow studio as I have been in the past because of school, I devote my Cheer Buttons and Bows energy into the sales and marketing end of the business.  I still make time for cheerleading conventions and cheer competitions, so if you see us around at an event you’re attending, be sure to stop and say hello!  I’d love to chat and get to know your team!

What to expect from Cheer Buttons And Bows:

Exclusive Cheer Bow Designs:

Your game or competition cheer bow will be exclusively designed and made for your high school’s current season in your state.

Competitive Pricing:

A fair price with personal attention to both you and your cheer bow is what you can expect. Contact us for swatches, complimentary designs and samples.  Cheap cheer bows don’t have to be made cheaply, we make quality inexpensive cheer bows. Cheer Buttons and Bows has a bow for every budget, from a clean grosgrain ribbon bow to a fully encrusted rhinestone bow – and everything in between.

Quality Cheerleading Accessories, Guaranteed:

We use quality elastics.  However, even the best quality elastic band may break after repeated use or when repeatedly overstretched in thick hair. You will receive a complimentary bow to have for emergencies in case a girl forgets her bow, it breaks, etc. Should an elastic band break, we ask that you use your complimentary cheer bow and mail the broken cheer bow back to us to be repaired and mailed back to you.

Fast Delivery:

From the time you purchase your cheer bow to when it is mailed via U.S. Mail is two to three weeks. We keep a generous supply of necessary materials needed for cheer bow production. However, in the event we are unable to receive the materials from our supplier in a timely manner you will be promptly notified if the delivery time will need to be extended.